Kat Jorgensen

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The Power of Thank You

   I believe one of the most powerful statements on earth is "thank you."

   How many of us go about our daily business and don't take the time to say thank you to the people who make our lives easier or enrich us?  I'll bet a lot of us forget this simple phrase.

Sometimes it's easy to remember to say the words when someone opens a door for us or holds out a chair.  But other times the things done for us are more subtle.  A friend calls to check on you and how your writing is going. You receive an uplifting email just when it seemed life was pounding you down.

Or you hear a speaker at a writing workshop who gives you that extra tool to put in your writer's toolbox.  Or maybe they share something that you needed to hear. 

Do you stop to say thank them?  Or do you nod and record what was said and then leave the room?

I hope you take the time to say thank you, but I know how hectic conferences, workshops and even monthly writers' meetings can be. A lot of times people have extra questions that they didn't have time to ask or were too shy to ask in front of a group.  Maybe they crowd the speaker after the program and you can't get in to say thank you in person.  So you leave. 

Please take the time to email or write the person who impacted your life, even if it was in a small way, to let them know that they made a difference or that you simply appreciated what they had to say.

It costs you virtualy nothing and will make the person you're thanking feel great.

Just by completing this simple act with sincerity, I've made lasting friendships with some wonderful people.

Thank you for reading this article.  : )

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